Losers have goals.

Winners have systems

-Scott Adams

Leverage the power of a daily system to keep you accountable, accomplish your goals, and grow your business.

Define the task.

Stay accountable.

Reach your goals.

The hardest part of running a business is staying accountable to the tasks you have before you. Finilize™ DPC keeps you on track by breaking down daily tasks and delivering them to you via text messages. These text “nudges” ensure you reach your daily goals by keeping you accountable.

Finilize DPC all began with a common problem for business owners.

Jay, a successful attorney and small business owner, was being pulled in a million directions each day, and despite having a 7 figure law practice and launching multiple start-ups, was having trouble remembering to do all the things he needed to get done.

Listen to his story.

A complete daily accountability tool for busy executives.

Each evening you are prompted to input your tasks for the following day. Simply click the link in the nightly text, fill in your tasks and get a good night’s sleep, knowing tomorrow is under control.

Evening Text

Click the link in the text to enter your tasks for the next day.

Morning Text

Get your first 3 morning tasks to accomplish today.


At 11am you get an accountability text for your AM tasks.

Afternoon Text

Get your 3 afternoon tasks to accomplish today.


4pm text to make sure all of todays tasks are completed.

Ditch the scrap paper, Post-It Notes, legal pads, and notes in your phone.  They are far too easy to forget about or lose.  Keep your tasks top of mind with Finilize DPC.

What do our users say?

With Finilize DPC, I can type in my goals for the day and get the accountability reminders I need. It has been a huge boost to my productivity.
Tyson Mutrux
Founder - Maximum Lawyer Podcast
Waking up each morning I have a million things on my plate. Finilize DPC allows me to set priorities the night before and allows me to execute.
Rob Rodriquez
BDx Fitness
Running a firm & an agency means time is at a premium. Finilize DPC keeps me focused on my goals and helps to make sure they get accomplished.
Seth Price
Price Benowitz / Blushark Digital

The most effective time to plan your day is the night before, because it enables you to park your work for the day enhancing a positive work-life balance.

If you write your list whilst everything is fresh in your mind at the end of the day and then you can rest knowing you have tomorrow set to handle whatever you need to get done. It gives you a sense of control and contentment making your recovery time-effective.

Dannielle Haig - Business Psychologist

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I wish I had known about finilize sooner. It has made such a huge difference for my firm. We have grown tremendously since using it.
Ryan McKeen
Coach - Lawyerist