Finilize Affiliate Program

Are you a coach, team leader or manage a large group of entrepreneurial minded people looking to level up their game? The Finilize affiliate program may be for you!

Influencers in the program earn 10% lifetime commission which can generate you ongoing recurring revenue with no additional workload. All you need to do is sign up (it takes seconds) and get a personal link and refer your followers to the top daily automated productivity coaching system available.

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What is the Finilize Affiliate Program?

Your followers, clients and team members will appreciate taking advantage of the best automated system for top of mind task management and accountability on the market.

For every annual Finilize customer you share through your free referral link, we pay you a 10% lifetime commission of the subscription price paid. This means that in years 2 and 3, even if we raise the price, you get the benefit of that and retain 10% of the program’s cost.

How it works

For every client that use’s your referral link to purchase a membership, you will receive a 10% commission for the lifetime of their membership. 

Your commissions will be paid electronically each month and you will be able to see all of your referrals, sales, pending commissions, and payments all from your affiliate dashboard.

Join the Finilize Affiliate Program

Start earning 10% commission forever in the next 30 seconds

Anyone can join the Finilize Affiliate program, you don’t even need to be a Finilize customer (but we love it if you would be!) Just click here and you will be taken to our affiliate registration page. Register as an affiliate with ThriveCart, our affiliate manager, and come back here and request to be an affiliate!

Then share your link and start earning, it’s that simple!

Watch the commissions roll in month after month, year after year! You’ll get 10% of whatever the people you refer pay Finilize for their annual program – forever.

And as we release more products, you will have first dibs on more exciting affiliate opportunities!

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